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Modern Retirement Planning

Modern Retirement Planning™ is a course designed to help individuals comprehend the principles for successful retirement. You will learn how to set reasonable goals based on your personal means. A primary objective will be to become familiar with the concepts and terminology that are so frustrating to individuals approaching retirement age. The course is not biased toward any company or product, but rather focuses on the concepts needed to make informed decisions. With knowledge, you gain confidence. With confidence, you gain control. Take control of your retirement!


Setting Goals Every successful retirement plan has a successful beginning...the game plan. The amount you need to plan for starts with determining what your lifestyle will be....

Considering the Costs What was your income 20 years ago? What is it today? Inflation is a cost you must consider throughout your retirement years! Will your tax rate change? What lifestyle are you planning for? One must consider all cost when calculating how much money you will need for retirement.

Nest Egg Sources You should identify your resources as: (a) nest egg funds, (b) emergency funds, or (c) special goal funds. Identify each source as taxable, tax-deferred, or tax free. Know the rules of each source.


Estate Planning Wills, trusts, inheritance taxes, gift taxes, income taxes, capital gains taxes, probate, conservatorship, powers of attorney...what about all this? Estate planning is concerned with the living estate as well as how to pass your estate the the heirs as tax efficiently as possible.

Traditional Investments The most critical decisions you make during retirement could be your choice of investments to fund your "nest egg". Which investments have the best opportunity to reduce taxation and still meet retirement goals?

Non Traditional Investments This discussion covers "non-market correlated" investments. If used properly, non-traded, non-correlated investments may reduce you effective tax rate while providing additional diversification to your retirement portfolio. These investments are less liquid than traditional stocks and bond, but can be a great alternative to market risk if used properly.


Protecting Your Assets How do you protect your most important asset during retirement? Too much protection is expensive, but not enough can be a disaster. How do you calculate the right amount? Alternative Long-Term Care programs can be less expensive and easier to control that traditional insurance programs. Do you still need life insurance or are you already self-insured? What does Medicare cover? How do you know if your self-insured?

Strategies When taking income at retirement, it is important to maintain control of your nest egg and stay flexible in a constantly changing environment. Learn alternative strategies designed to maintain control of your money and maximize your efforts. You will benefit from the unique cost-saving ideas discussed in this session.


Your Questions, Your Needs This session is your complimentary opportunity to meet privately with the instructor to ask questions and discuss concerns about your situation. This session is optional and not required to complete the course.


February 13th, 20th, and 27th (tentative).

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